PORTLAND Marysville School is one step closer to reopening after the community came together Saturday to clean up the property where the school was destroyed more than two years ago.

Volunteers and teachers filled three dumpsters with trash and debris as they cleaned the area for contractors who plan to start rebuilding the school this spring.

The school caught fire in November, 2009, displacing hundreds of teachers and students.

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Since then, they've been holding class five miles away, at the old Rose City Park school.

Last fall, the school board voted to use insurance money to rebuild Marysville to its previous condition.

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Math teacher Ernest Yago still remembers the day he and his students had to evacuate.

It just chills me to think we went through that, he told KGW. And now we're coming back, so I can t wait.

We re not going to be open in September, but we will be ready in January for kids to come back to school, said Michelle Platter of the Portland Public School District. So this time next year, everyone will be here.

The district will start taking bids this month and start construction at the end of May.

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