PORTLAND, Ore. If you are have problems or questions about Portland s new composting system, someone may soon be knocking on your door to help you out.

At the end of February, the city s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability will start training and then paying volunteers to go door to door, promoting the program, and educating residents.

The city will pay $2 if someone answers the door and volunteers have a conversation with them, and $.50 if they leave a brochure. Volunteers must be part of a non-profit group, and the proceeds go to the group.

We are looking for 500 volunteers and half will be master recyclers but the other half we hope will be members of the community that are raising money for their choir robes or their PTA, said Lauren Norris, Sustainable Living Outreach Manager.

Norris says three months into the Include the Food composting program, some people have questions.

Portlanders love to recycle. I think they re really going to get into composting. But they have a lot of questions and that s what we re here for is to answer those, said Norris.

The program is geared to reach about 40,000 households, targeting renters whose landlords may not have provided the information, and people with barriers to the English language.

Ilekia Wells rents a home, and says composting has not been working out for her family so far. She would welcome a visit from someone to help get her composting.

I would I would talk to them and ask them how to do it the right way; to be honest my manager never really told me how it was just 'here's the bucket,' said Wells.

The program costs $18,500, coming from landfill fees paid by garbage users. Information on the program can be found at PortlandOnline.

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