CORVALLIS, Ore. -- A woman in Benton County was rescued from the top of her car after it was swept off the road and into a flooded field.

Thursday a 911 caller reported a woman sitting on top of a partially-submerged vehicle in the 25300 block of Old River Road, in southern Benton County, according to Lt. Cord Wood of the Corvallis Police Dept.

A 35-year-old female had driven her vehicle into water four feet deep, submerging her Ford Mustang beyond the door handles, Wood said. Once in the water, her vehicle was swept 300 feet off the road by the current into a farm field adjacent to the road.

She had climbed out of her vehicle and waited on the roof until rescue crews arrived.

Marine patrol deputies were able to get to the victim by boat and rescue her from the roof. She was not injured.

Corvallis and Benton County officials reminded residents not to drive into high water on roadways.

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