SANDY, Ore. -- Heavy rains caused rivers to swellFriday, forcing officials to close Oxbow Park through Saturday due to high water levels on the Sandy River.

The river was still below flood stage, but at concerning levels, especially for people living near Welches.

In January, the river flooded and washed out a large section of the road, damaged a bridge, and stranded roughly 250 neighbors on the northwest side of the river.

Diane Pettijohn said it has been the highest she s seen the river since then January.

We just want to make sure that if it happens again that we have at least one car on the other side, so we just kind of keep coming and checking, she said.

Forecasters said the Sandy crested at 17.6 feet late Friday morning and should now start to recede, staying shy of the levels it reached now almost a year ago.

It s risen almost 10 feet since Tuesday.

The Clackamas River crested above flood stage Friday, but not high enough to cause problems for any homes.

The river patrol said there was a lot of debris in the river, making it very dangerous for boaters.

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