PORTLAND The annual Civil War football game--the University of Oregon vs. Oregon State--is serious business for one Portland neighborhood.

The Millers and the Kippers of Southwest Portland have had a friendly Ducks-Beavers rivalry going for more than 20 years. Each year they up the ante by adding to their yard decorations. There have even been some late night forays into the opposing team's yard.

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I ve had the duck for years and years and he's been decorated orange and black with scarves and pom-poms before, during the night of course, said Ducks fan Carolyn Miller. And then this year Bucky came to the neighborhood. They had to get their own. So we'll see what he's wearing tomorrow.

The couples said a typical bet on the outcome of the game is a dinner out on the town. But in recent years the competition has become so lopsided that they just split the bill.

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