PORTLAND -- The Portland city council unanimously approved a plan Wednesday morning to begin collection of kitchen scraps at curbside that could take effect by the end of October.

Portlanders will be able to put kitchen scraps into a plastic bucket, provided by the city, that would be dumped into the yard debris container. The yard debris container would be picked up every week.

The weekly garbage pickup would change to every other week.

Click for the complete City of Portland ordinance (PDF)

During a hearing last week, Steve Lipsey said his family took part in the pilot program. He said that composting wasn t difficult. There is literally zero-impact on me, just no impact, he said.

Opponent Eric Fruits of Southeast Portland said in the winter, it s going to be full of leaves and then I have to take the Thanksgiving turkey and put that on top? That might not work so well.

Two thousand Portlanders took part in a pilot program to test the feasibility of the plan.

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