GRESHAM, Ore -- Multiple police sources indicate investigators are taking a close look at Gladstone Sgt. Lynne Benton after the death of her spouse.

One suspect is already in custody for the crime.53-year old Susan Campbell is charged with one count of murder for the killing of Deborah Lee Higbee Benton.

Around midnight Saturday, the East County SWAT team raided the home of Sgt. Benton s sister.

Witnesses say heavily armed officers kicked the door in and warned neighbors to stay back.

They looked like TV.What you see on TV, said one neighbor.Investigators spent several hours executing the search warrant inside the Troutdale home. They took out bags and bags of stuff and had a car they impounded, said neighbor Norma Dillon.

A vehicle registered to Sgt. Benton and her deceased spouse is parked in the driveway.

The Gladstone hair dresser was found dead on May 28th.According to court papers, Campbell confessed.Police won t say if others are involved.

Neighbors said Campbell knew the victim.She was a friend of Sgt. Benton and cared for Sgt. Benton s mother.

Sgt. Benton was not available for comment.Previously, Benton had been on bereavement.Gladstone Police Chief James Pryde said he couldn t comment on personnel matters.

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