Desiree Young points out a spot in her back yard where she will plant flowers and build a fountain for her missing son Kyron.

The tortuous days since he disappeared now total nearly a year.

I can t believe we re here, she said.

First of all it was something that we expected to be woken up from that first night. We expected on the drive up there to get the call---we found him---everything s fine. So being here a year later is disturbing to me. It s been hard, a lot of roller coaster of emotions, Young said.

Seven-year old-Kyron Horman disappeared from his Portland area school, Skyline Elementary, June 4th. He d been excited for the science fair that day. His step mother, Terry Horman took him to school and was the last one to see him.

Desiree believes the step mom had something to do with Kyron s disappearance but no one s been charged or even named as a suspect in the case.

In the meantime---Desiree Young is buffeted by emotions, fueled at times, by the day s headlines.

Yah that was yesterday, she said. I didn t know about the little boy in Maine and I got a call from the media. It s just awful, awful that things like that happen in the world. And I can t even describe the feeling of thinking it was Kyron, said Young.

Desiree is relentless in her pursuit of her son. she s recently had yard signs made and distributed around Medford and Roseburg.

Her cars carry banners with her missing son s face. It s the closest she can get to him now.

And no matter what she does, she cannot shake a feeling that she could have done something to keep her little boy safe.

The guilt is terrible. I won t ever forgive myself for not going to the science fair. I won t. It was middle of month end and I didn t make the choice and I should say I didn t make the right choice. And of course hind sight I look back on it and, I, would ---can t tell you how many times I ve looked at that picture of that day and just want to take him out of that picture and take him away...

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