PORTLAND -- As gang violence continues to increase, so do gang patrols.Police are calling it Operation Cool Down.

We are seeing more shootings this year than last year and the year before, said Sgt. Pete Simpson with Portland Police.

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And while you may not see as many uniformed officers as in weeks past, that doesn't mean they're not there.

MAX lines have been a high priority, as well as parks and areas where young people congregate, he pointed out.

A MAX line Thursday night provided the scene for Portland's most recent gang shooting.Police said a 16-year-old gang member fired six shots on a MAX platform at 122nd and East Burnside.

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One bullet narrowly missed a man inside an apartment building across the street.

Police arrested three people for that and have been trying to crack down hard.

A coupleweeks ago, we had a great success at Overlook Park: six arrests and six guns recovered, Simpson said.Those are guns that would have been used in crimes.

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But he said it won't always come that easy. What we can't do is arrest our way out of the problem.It has to start at home, it has to start with kids, he said.

Pastor Dwight Minnieweather agreed.He has been out of a gang for 10 years and credits positive programming for helping him see another way of life.

It s disappointing. The youth are taking lives and not understanding the consequences, he said. We need youth programming that can entertain the child before he's 10 and 11 and give hope to them.

Portland s Gang Violence Task Force met Friday, and police thanked the community and outreach workers for their role in helping to solve the Hampton case.

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