PORTLAND -- Neighbors of a Beaverton woman reacted in shock to the news that Rasema Handanovic is in federal custody, facing charges for alleged war crimes in Bosnia.

Handanovic has been a U.S. citizen since 2002. The Bosnian government wants the U.S. to extradite her to face war crime charges in their country. Bosnian officials believe the 39-year-old took part in the murders of 16 unarmed civilians and soldiers while serving in that country's army in 1993.

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At Handovic's apartment complex in Beaverton, neighbors are stunned by the news.

It's scary because we have kids that run around in the courtyard right here, said neighbor Andriel Vertrees. It's really creepy to think that someone that close to our living -it's really scary.

I think she should pay for what she did even though it was years ago, said Debbie Rasmussen who lived in the apartment right below Handanovic's and worked with her at a call center. She had no idea Handanovic even served in the army in Bosnia.

At a federal courthouse in downtown Portland Thursday a judge scheduled a hearing for Friday to decide whether Handanovic will remain in custody pending her possible extradition hearing.

Bosnian officials also called for the arrest of a man living in Everett, Wash., under similar charges. Both suspects would've been 18-year-old when they committed alleged war crimes against Croatian villagers.

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