PORTLAND -- Going to a Blazers game is a pastime for most Portlanders, but for Arthur Wornum, it was a journey.

Ican't tell you how good that feels... to be able to sit down and not even have to put the arms up, Wornum said.

You might recognize the 34-year-old Portland native from NBC's The Biggest Loser. Wornum was at his biggest in 2009, when he weighed 646 lbs. After participating on the show this season, he lost 117 lbs. and continued his weight-loss journey at home. By the end of May, he hopes to have lost 400 lbs.

On Tuesday, Wornum attended the Trail Blazers game for the first time in more than a decade. He brought his children and father with him.

My dad has had season tickets since I was in the 7th grade, and Iwent to every home game with him, Wornum said.

But as Wornum continued to gain weight, he went to fewer and fewer games -- and eventually stopped going altogether.

How do you tell your kids that you're too big to get in the seat? said Wornum.

When the Blazers heard about Arthur, they brought the whole family to the game Tuesday, where they got to sit on the bench and warm up with the players. His father -- Jesse Wornum, who was also a contestant on The Biggest Loser -- said attending the game is a triumph, and Arthur deserves all the credit.

The most important thing that's happening here is my son is down over 340 lbs., his father said. That's the most important thing.

KGW producer Kara Genett and photojournalist Alex Lynch contributed to this story.

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