TIGARD, Ore. -- Since Sky High Sports opened it's facility in Tigard, several customers have left via ambulance. Parents of some of those injured told KGW they fear the trampoline facility is too dangerous.

My six year old son was in a lot of pain, he couldn't move, said Dr. Yale Popowich, the boy's father. Any parent would be concerned if their child had broken their leg. Popowich said he became more concerned after three hours in the emergency room.

Even in the three hours we were there in the emergency room getting evaluated , x-rays and everything--two more kids came in. One had a shattered ankle, another kid had a dislocated elbow, all from the same place, said Popowich.

Promoted as a place to bounce off the walls, Sky High Sports has multiple trampolines, side by side and on the walls. Popowich said his son was injured after a bigger, older kid jumped on the same trampoline.

Having children jumping, multiple children jumping uncontrolled and really unsupervised is a recipe for disaster, said Popowich.

Sky High managers declined KGW's request for an interview. In a written statement Tigard, General Manager Brian Deller said, Please know that we take any injury at one of our facilities very seriously and the safety of all of our customers is a top priority. I think it is important for everyone participating at our facility to understand that this is an extreme sport.

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KGW obtained 9-1-1 records showing that emergency crews have responded to 15 ambulance calls at Sky High Sports since it opened in October. Eleven of those were trauma calls, seven of which were a 'Code 3,' the most serious of emergency calls.

Compared to the number of people who have visited Sky High, managers say that's still an extremely low accident rate compared to other sports.

For more information you can log on to Sky High web site.

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