Your days of choosing plastic bags in Oregon stores may be numbered.

A proposed state-wide ban on the plastic check out bags would not only ban these plastic bags, it would require consumers to pay a nickel for paper bags. Supporters spoke to lawmakers in Salem onWednesday.

All paper bags would have to have at least 40 percent recycled content to be used. Supporters say the law would encourage consumers to switch to re-usable bags, the goal of which being to help eliminate plastic litter in the oceans.

Opponents equate a five cent charge on paper bags to a tax and say people can prevent plastic bags from going into the ocean by simply recycling them.

Grocers like Fred Meyer, which has already eliminated plastic bags from ten of its stores, said if state lawmakers approve the ban next year, Oregon will become the first to adopt a state-wide ban.

It could take effect as early as next November.

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