By now we know you can find a coyote living just about anywhere in the state. Rural or urban, it doesn't matter. But in Northeast Portland, there's a coyote making the rounds that has generated a lot of interest.

Residents of the Alameda neighborhood have been amazed to see a coyote that is unafraid of people or large pets.

He like tenses up and he's like 'Grrr' and I'm like 'What in the world is going on?' and I look across the street and there's a coyote, explains Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen, describing an encounter between his dog and the coyote.

Cogen is one of many Northeast residents to spot the animal. He first saw it while on a walk with his dog Chester and then again right outside his own door.

My son Alex said, 'Dad, dad, there's a coyote.' I was like, 'Yeah I know there's a coyote' and he's like 'No, on the front porch,' said Cogen.

Coyotes in Alameda are not uncommon. Linda Peachy saw one at Wilshire Park.

It was running under the light over there. It was stopping and looking around and then it ran across the street, said Peachey.

Elizabeth Maghran's dog tried to catch one a couple of weeks ago.

She caught wind of it and just went tearing all the way down to 47th after it, said Maghran.

However, this coyote is different. Unlike other coyotes, he's not afraid of people or pets.

Bob Sallinger of the Audubon Society of Portland, says it's important for coyotes to hold onto their natural fear.

Don't approach him. Don't follow him. When you see him, scare him off. Bites of humans are incredibly rare. But the situations when it does happen is when they're showing a lack of fear of humans, said Sallinger.

Sallinger hopes people can appreciate the animals, but at the same time keep their distance.

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