PORTLAND -- The nurse who saved the life of a Central Catholic High School football player who collapsed on the field received a special honor Thursday.

Lisa Lyver was presented with a Heart-Saver Hero Award from the American Heart Association for reviving Hayward Demison s heart after it stopped during a football game.

Demison collapsed after making the game-winning touchdown during a game against Canby last September. Lyver was in the stands and rushed into action after realizing he was showing the signs of a cardiac arrest.

Doctors said that she saved his life.

Background: Teen returns to class after open-heart surgery

Demison later learned that he had a defective left coronary artery all his life that had gone undiagnosed up until that point. He underwent open-heart surgery to repair the defect on September 20 and doctors said his recovery was going so well, that he may even be able to return to playing in sports next year.

(KGW reporter Erica Heartquist contributed to this article.)

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