SALEM -- Kurt Schrader fought back a campaign that tried to make him out to be a Obama-Pelosi clone and he defeated Republican Scott Bruun for the U.S. House District 5 race.

Bruun conceded Wednesday morning and phoned his congratulations to Schrader.

This morning, I spoke with Congressman Kurt Schrader to congratulate him on a hard-fought race and to offer my concession, Bruun said. He has invested as much time and energy into this race as I have, and I have full faith that he will return to Washington, DC with a renewed perspective and will be ready to work for the people of our great state.

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Video: Schrader on KGW's 'Straight Talk'

Video: Bruun on KGW's 'Straight Talk'

Schrader voted along with Democrats to move President Barack Obama's health care and financial reforms forward. Yet Schrader was endorsed by the National Rifle Association in his bid to beat Republican challenger Scott Bruun.

Which explains why Bruun, who espouses himself as the classic Republican candidate, suggested in their KGW debate that one way he would break that conservative mold is to embrace an Oregon environmental ethic if elected.

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Theirs was a classic race that played nationwide.

The advantage of incumbency brought Joe Biden to the district last summer to campaign for Schrader. The disadvantage of incumbency had Schrader no where near Portland International Airport in the October in the receiving line for Obama.

District 5 stretches across all political lines, from the coast through state worker union rich Salem, to more conservative Clackamas County.

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