VANCOUVER Bethany Storro got national attention after she claimed that someone had thrown acid in her face and was hospitalized with severe burns.

She had painted herself as a symbol of strength amid diversity.

Now, she s getting more attention but it s because that whole story was a hoax.

The 28-year-old woman s story fell apart Thursday when detectives executed a search warrant at her home. They interviewed her and presented her with evidence that seemed to unravel her story. Then, police said Storro confessed.

On Friday, she was avoiding all media requests for a new interview, including on NBC s Today Show.

But Today did get an interview with a top commander in the case. NBC s Matt Lauer asked Commander Marla Schuman when she knew for sure the attack was a hoax.

Schuman said the clues were mounting against Storro as the investigation went forward, but they didn t know for sure it was a hoax until Storro confessed.

Her family, her friends, they were all devastated this would happen to her. They were shocked she was in the state of mind that she would do something like this, Schuman said. She was also visibly upset - shaking, crying - a very upset little girl.

Lauer also asked if Storro would face any charges.

We are closing up the case and we're handing it over to the prosecuting attorney, they'll make that ultimate decision. Do I think there's a chance? Yes, for all the reasons that you stated. This case was an incredibly expensive and wasted a lot of very valuable resources, Schuman said.

She added that most likely, if Storro does face charges, they would be for filing a false police report.

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