PORTLAND, Ore. -- An advisory committee presented its scoring of designs for a replacement Sellwood bridge Monday night.

Look at all the designs

The committee scored the proposals based on aesthetics. It is just one factor that will come into play when a final bridge design is decided in the weeks ahead.

The favoritebased on aesthetics was a steel deck tied arch.

Cost and looks seem to be the two main things that people care about, said Mike Pullen with Multnomah County. Although, interestingly we just got results of a public survey - 2400 people took the survey, and maintenance and maintainability was the number one thing.

Once a final plan is picked, construction on the new bridge will begin in July 2012, with completion expected in late 2014.

A $19 annual fee assessed to Multnomah County residents to help pay for the bridge takes effect Wednesday. The payments will be made as vehicle registrations are renewed. A separate fee goes into effect for large trucks.

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