PORTLAND, Ore. -- The results of two online surveys posted on Terri Horman's Facebook page provide a unique chance to see howKyron Horman'sstepmomperceives herself.

While police have not named Terri as a suspect, court filings by Kaine Horman say police gave him probable cause to believe she was involved in the missing boy's disappearance.

The survey results were posted June 19, 2009, after Terri's daughter was born but nearly a year before her stepson Kyron disappeared.

Psychologists KGWspoke to call the surveys projective because those who fill them out project their psychological feelings onto the questions posed.

In the first survey posted on Terri Horman's Facebook page, a question asks: What are 2 of your favorite things to do? The answer posted is: lift weights and gardening.

Another question asks: Two things you want very badly at the moment. The answer: Teaching job & to be in bikini shape.

Yet another question asks: What was the last heavy item you lifted? The answer: 40# dumbbells.

Terri Horman was a competitive body builder in 2005.

The entire survey carries 67 questions. A count of the answers shows 25% of the answers dealt with working out or the body. Eight percent of the answers mentioned her toddler Kiara. Three percent related to her husband Kaine. Zero percent mention her step son, Kyron.

The survey also asked about plans for tonight (note - the survey was posted back in June of 2009.) The answer: Working on Farm Town and playing a little World of Warcraft. Farm Town is a game played on Facebook. World of Warcraft is an online video game played by millions of people.

The same survey asks: Would you be a pirate? The answer posted at the Horman site: If I could look as good as Kiera Knightly. The British actress is best known for her movies, Bend it like Beckam and Pirates of the Carribean.

A second survey posted on Terri Horman's site continues with more questions.

One reads: Close your eyes for a moment, who pops into your head? The posted answer: My sleeping daughter.

It also asks: If you were an animal in the wild what would you be? The posted answer: Cougar.

Still another question reads: If you could be someone else for a day who would it be? The answer: Xena.

Xena is a fictional warrior princess from a TV show.

The survey continues: If you won the lottery how would you spend your millions? The answer: On family first, save some and donate to the needy.

Finally, the survey asks If you could have one super human power what would you choose? The answer: Read minds.

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