PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Tualatin woman was planning a Friday night vigil for Kyron Horman, a boy she never even knew.

Beth, who didn't want to share her last name, said she felt that there's too much emphasis on criminal theories than the search for one of the cutest boys she's ever seen.

It's almost like he's getting lost in the shadows and I want to bring him back into focus.

She's holding the vigil Friday night at 8 p.m., in front of the wall of hope.

The wall is a makeshift display of flowers, balloons, and messages from the community.

Everyone from motorcycle riders on their Harleys to a young boy from Tigard flocked there today.

Sean Coloma, 10, didn't ride his bike like many kids his age do this summer today.

Instead, he was reading notes and messages about a boy he wish he will get the chance to meet.

It makes me feel real good because people have so much hope that Kyron will come back. said Coloma.

Sean said his heart was with Kyron on the 4th of July because he didn't know for sure if Kyron had seen the fireworks.

They were really cool, like a big kaboom! said Coloma.

Kyron's mom Desiree said she wanted to hold Kyron in her lap on that night because fireworks tend to scare him.

She also said she couldn't bare to make Kyron's bed and wanted to leave it the way he last slept there.

Beth can understand. She too is a parent.

She believes she will see Kyron again, the special little boy with the biggest smile in the world.

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