HILLSBORO, Ore. -- An off-duty Portland Police officer dining at his favorite local sports bar is credited with saving the life of another customer.

Lt. George Burke was having dinner at the Sports Look in Hillsboro last Thursday when another man at the restaurant began to have a seizure. The man s lips turned blue and he lost a pulse.

While an employee called 9-1-1, Lt. Burke, who was eating dinner with his daughter, rushed to the mens' room where he says he found the man unconscious.

Burke used his police training and performed CPR, clearing the man s airway and doing chest compressions until paramedics arrived.

Burke said it was an amazing feeling when the man regained consciousness.

When I saw him loaded in the ambulance and his eyes were open he was looking around, he looked disoriented but he was alive, that was kind of an exhilarating, made it tough to go to sleep, said Burke.

The two haven t talked since but Burke is a regular, so he figures they ll run into each other again. The restaurant, by the way, promised the officer a free meal.

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