PORTLAND -- A radio chat with the Oregon Ducks head football coach got heated as Chip Kelly defended his program on 95.5 The Game.

Coach Kelly was talking with sports columnist John Canzano on his radio showabout the team's offseason turmoil and players' recent run-ins with the law when things at times got tense.

You know what, I would love for you to interview the guys on our football team right now and ask them about the discipline that's meted out every day before you make assumptions, Kelly said, in one of the verbal exchanges. I have, Canzano replied.

Coach Kelly: You have, Who?

Canzano: I have.

Coach Kelly: Who have you asked?

Canzano: After the Jameer Holland thing, the guys are scared out of their minds, Chip.

The interview went viral online and now it's getting national attention from several media outlets, including ESPN.

Background: Several Ducks football players face criminal charges

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