PORTLAND, Ore. -- After a day of protests over the city's handling of the police shooting of Aaron Campbell, Portland Police Chief Sizer says the decision stands. Officer Ron Frashour will remain on the street but in a limited role - moved out of his sharp-shooter role and onto a low-key, neighborhood response team.

Less exposed to the kind of crisis calls that we respond to every day on the street, explained Sizer.

City Commissioner Randy Leonard says the officer was set up for failure because his bosses failed to fix a long-known breakdown in on-scene crisis communication. To try to somehow blame an individual officer takes the bureau management off the hook and I will not buy into it, said Leonard.

The police officers' union says Frashour's reassignment creates a bad impression among the rank-and-file that he's somehow become damaged goods.

A county judge Wednesday ruled the transcript of the Campbell grand jury investigation will be released to the public Thursday.

Police Commissioner Dan Saltzman says he won't take Frashour off the street unless he sees something glaring in those transcripts.

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