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PORTLAND -- Opponents of Portland Mayor Sam Adams launched a second recall attempt on Wednesday, exactly one year since he publicly confessed to covering up an affair with Beau Breedlove.

The Recall Sam Adams campaign filed a petition with the city auditor's office Wednesday morning that formally allows them to begin collecting the nearly 33,000 signatures needed by April 20 for the recall to move forward.

The first recall, a grassroots effort with a volunteer force, fell short of collecting the requisite amount of signatures from registered Portland voters to trigger a recall election. Those involved this time around are confident they'll be more successful.

Former State Sen. Avel Gordly, who represented Portland in the Legislature from 1991 through 2008, will lead the new effort.

This issue needs to be put before Portland voters so they can decide the city's future, she said Wednesday.

Timeline: Sam Adams & Beau Breedlove scandal

Gordly's challenge came less than three weeks after the first campaign to oust Adams failed. Then as now, she questioned the mayor's ability to lead Portland after he admitted to lying about the Breedlove affair in order to get elected.

It's about character - not of just an individual but of the city of Portland, Gordly said on Wednesday, adding that the city needed a clean slate after the Adams-Breedlove scandal.

Gordly brings political organization and financial connections to the second effort. She also carries credibility as an elected statewide officeholder, elected three times to represent the Cully-Beaumont district of NEPortland in the state House before winning election to the state Senate in 1997.

The second effort has carried over a lengthy mailing list compiled by Jason Wurster, the first campaign's petitioner. Local business leaders who offered little public support to the Wurster campaign have come out behind Gordly and promise a well-financed recall with paid, professional signature gatherers.

The Portland Future PAC has already hired a staff of 30 and said that volunteers will also canvass for signatures. Teresa McGuire, a spokesperson for the committee, said the campaign will reach out to voters in various city neighborhoods. Organizers have exactly three months to prompt a recall election - and Gordly predicted it would not take nearly that long.

Well-known Portland car dealer Ron Tonkin said last October that he would consider a bid for mayor if Adams was recalled.

The mayor was cleared of wrongdoing by a criminal investigation that Attorney General John Kroger conducted.

Mayor Adams was in Washington, D.C. at a conference of U.S. mayors and was not available for comment on the second campaign.

Adams and the city currently face a lawsuit from Wade Nkrumah, the mayor's former press aide, over the Breedlove scandal. Breedlove himself recently announced he was writing a memoir about his relationship with Adams and the subsequent scandal.

KGW News Reporter Randy Neves contributed to this article.

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