PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland State senior Jeff Rudnicky is in a bad situation. He has no place to call home and no money in his wallet.

It's a difficult situation to say the least, said Rudnicky.

Last Halloween, he and his girlfriend moved into the Park Plaza right off campus. At first, he thought it was perfect. But his girlfriend soon found out it wasn't.

The next morning she woke up covered in red, nasty hives. So her doctor said go to the emergency room, said Rudnicky.

Turns out, she was allergic to bed bugs. It was so bad her doctors said she almost went into shock.

Jeff demanded their deposit back and even sought legal advice.

They say they didn't get their deposit back and the company that owns Park Plaza locked them out of their apartment.

They had to vacate their apartment and basically sleep on relatives' couches, said Lissa Kaufman, PSU's Student Legal Coordinator.

She represents several students just like Jeff, who claim thecompany that owns the apartment building was negligent.

Brenden Madden is moving out at the end of the month, because he too is sick of the bed bugs.

It's kind of a pain, it interrupts your life. It's a mess, said Madden.

We called Riverstone Residential Group, the company that owns Park Plaza and its Dallas marketing office and local attorney several times, but no one got back to us.

As for Jeff, he hasn't gotten his deposit back and has to rely on family.

We can't afford a place to live.

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