NEWBERG, Ore. -- Local police are going through a missing-persons checklist given to them by the FBI in the ongoing search for missing Dundee mom Jennifer Huston, authorities told KGWThursday.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is not directly involved in the Huston case, but advises smaller departments in what to look for. The mysterious disappearance of the 38-year-old wife and mother of two is not being investigated as a criminal case; it remains a missing persons case.

Huston disappeared after leaving home to run errands around 5:45 p.m. on July 24, according to a police timeline. Her husband Kallen Huston reported her missing the following day. Police said Kallen told them Jennifer left the house feeling stressed out, and he tried to call her fairly soon after, but she did not answer.

Huston's family told KGW Thursday morning they have been calling her cell phone every hour since then, and the calls go to voicemail every time.

Timeline in missing Dundee mom case

Investigators have not been able to obtain a subpoena to ping Huston's phone for a location, because this is not a criminal investigation. However, a technical expert told KGW a cell phone must be turned on in order to transmit a ping anyway, so this type of information would not be significantly helpful in the Huston case.

If police were to eventually get a subpoena in the Huston case, they could potentially obtain some limited data about her phone before it went off, including whether the phone was stationary or moving at the time it went off, and which cell tower the final transmission went through.

Without Huston's approval, or evidence of a crime, police can't get a court subpoena for her cell phone records, either.

Meanwhile, the search has stretched from the Newberg-Dundee area all the way to the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington.

Day 7 of the search began Thursday with volunteers combing the west and central sections of Yamhill County.

Four search-and-rescue crews were checking Highway 47, from Carlton to Gaston, for skid marks, tamped-down bushes and other evidence of a possible crash.

Huston was last seen driving a dark green, 1999 Lexus SUV with Oregon License number WXH 011.

Photos: Surveillance pics, search for Jennifer Huston

In addition to ground crews, at least one plane was flying over rural roads to look for her Thursday.

Police also announced that because Huston liked to frequent the San Juan Islands, a search effort was organized in that area. Four deputies were checking their patrol routes on the islands for any sign of her or her vehicle. However, Yamhill deputies said they have not received any specific tips that she had gone there.

An all-day Yamhill County search Wednesday did not turn up clues in the case either, according to Capt Tim Svenson with the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office. It was the first official police-involved search for Huston.

More: Police to continue aerial searches for missing Dundee mom

After today [Thursday], we will probably have covered every part of our county, either by air or by vehicle. So, unless they have any more information by the end of today, we will have covered our portions of our county and probably not have any searchers out tomorrow, Svenson added.


Clarification: Police earlier told KGW that they were able to determine Huston's cell phone had been turned off and the battery did not die. They have since backed off that statement.

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