WALDPORT, Ore. A Waldport man was trapped in his overturned car in a creek overnight until an observant deputy found and rescued him Thursday.

If someone wouldn't have found him for quite some time it could've been a more deadly result, said Lt. Gregg Hastings of the Oregon State Police.

Jon Culton, 80, of Waldport, crashed 90 feet down an embankment off Highway 34 Wednesday. His car landed upside down, in a small creek northeast of Alsea.

No one saw the crash or noticed the wreckage until the next day, when Benton County deputy Chris Dale pulled over along a curvy section of the highway and spotted the car below.

He spotted the vehicle, called down there, heard someone call back up to him and he realized he had found the man who was missing, Hastings said.

Thanks to Dale, Culton was rescued and taken by ambulance to Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.

I think in this case it was extremely important and critical because of the age of the man, said Lt. Hastings.

Culton later told investigators that he crashed on his way to from Yachats to Corvallis for a doctor's appointment. He said he was trapped in his car, could not get a cell phone signal and had to use his floor mats as blankets to keep warm overnight.

On Thursday, Culton was listed in fair condition at the hospital.

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