LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. -- A Lake Oswego mother of 3 can finally celebrate her win on the NBC show Food Fighters.

The championship was filmed more than a year ago, but Elisha Joyce had to stay tight-lipped about her $60,000 victory until the episode was shown on TV.

As I was watching it air last night, I felt the same anxiety, Elisha Joyce remembered. The adrenaline was pumping the entire day.

Joyce cooked for 12 hours for the single episode which featured five of her favorite recipes learned from her grandmother in Guam.

Quinoa is a staple there and I cook it a lot for my children, she said as she made her kids quinoa scramble for breakfast. Another favorite is pre-cooked quinoa in coconut milk.

Quinoa has all the essential amino acids we need, Joyce explained.

Her final dish of quinoa and salmon bested the professional chef on the episode as did three of her other recipes, It s hard to cook a prefect quinoa in 20 minutes, so my strategy worked. I used a pressure cooker, she said.

Joyce bested the professional chefs on 4 out of 5 dishes judged by taste testing members of the public. She is also the author of popular cooking blog called RebelGrain.

If the episode aired, I got the $60,000 so it has and I m ready to collect, she smiled.

Joyce enjoyed the television appearance and would like to do more cooking in front of the camera but for now there s a trip to plan. My dream is to take the whole family to Guam and I think that will happen this Christmas, she remarked.

It is probably safe to say quinoa will be on the Christmas menu, It s really a perfect food for the whole family. Joyce concluded.

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