BINGEN, Wash. -- In the small town of Bingen, Washington, population less than 800, Margie s Pot Shop is a popular place.

Customers from both Washington and nearby Hood River, Oregon stopped in all day. But they found no marijuana. Margie s is licensed and ready for business but does not have any product.

Not enough product yet. Maybe by Friday, said owner Margie Lemberger.

Until now, the town of Bingen was best known for the kite surfing on the nearby Columbia River, the drone makers who keep a low profile and the town s lumber mill.

Margie s Pot Shop will likely join that list. We re getting a nice reception here, said Margie. When the people see me outside they wave and give me the thumbs up and toot their horn. It s pretty nice.

Tuesday afternoon prospective customers stopped by one after the other.

So what are you looking for? Margie asked a man in a car with an Oregon license plate. Ah, ah, just some herb? he said. Some herb, answered Margie with a smile. So we don t have our herb yet. You ll have to wait. It could be Friday. I m still waiting for my processor to get her weed back from the lab, she told him.

Margie said she s not trying to attract customers from Oregon but expects many will visit her store.

Brandie Marzillo is another future customer. She lives in Washington and can t wait for the store's historic opening.

It is! It s a lot of history taking place and it s really awesome as long as people do it correctly and don t make us back-step, it will be awesome! she said.

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