HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A Washington County Sheriff's deputy was involved in a car crash after a power outage knocked out traffic lights all over Hillsboro and Beaverton Monday morning.

The officer was responding to two crashes at the intersection of 185th Avenue and Evergreen Street. The traffic lights were out at the busy intersection and drivers were supposed to treat it as a four-way stop; however some were not, according to witnesses.

The sheriff's deputy had to drive the wrong way down 185th for a short distance because it was blocked off by a T-bone crash at Evergreen Street. His patrol car was sideswiped by another vehicle trying to make a U-turn.

Driver Bill Morrison said he decided to make the U-turn because he was stuck in a long line of traffic caused by the crashes at the intersection.He said he accidentally sideswiped the patrol car as he was making that U-turn. No one was hurt, but Morrison was ticketed for an illegal U-turn.

Other officers arrived and directed traffic through the crash scenes until the lights came back on. Power was eventually restored to that intersection around 9:40 a.m.

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