VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver man down on his luck was storing everything he owns in a storage unit, only to have someone ransack it and steal all his family's valuables.

The lock was never even broken and police said the crook got in through a back wall or other means.

So we took everything out of our apartment and put it into storage, said Junior Bermudez. He was laid-off from his job and his family lost their apartment in May.

It's really hard on us right now, he said. He's been living with family, and while he looks for a new place and a new job, storing everything he owns in a Public Storage unit on Northeast Fourth Plain Boulevard in Vancouver.

Everything. Furniture, our washer and dryers, all our clothing, jewelry, all my sports memorabilia, toys, kids clothes. I mean, our whole house.

On Saturday, he stopped by his unit to pick up a suit for an upcoming interview. It was gone and so was everything else in the back.

I'm thinking 'What!?' So I walk toward the back of my unit and there's a big hole from the neighbor's unit where they kicked the wall down. Everything had been either ransacked or stolen.

They took stuff with sentimental value like pictures that were in boxes. They took jewelry, pictures...that's all gone. Irreplaceable, he said.

Bermudez said recent water damage at the facility led to a weaker wall and someone in the neighboring unit took advantage of that and busted through.

They just pushed it in. There's stuff on the ground, my stuff. They broke stuff, trampled on my furniture, ripped it. It's just horrible in there, said Bermudez.

He filed a police report and talked to the manager. And they just give me the runaround and told me to call my insurance company, he said.

Unit 8 stopped in. KGW was told to call the corporate offices in California. We did. Twice. No one called back. Now Bermudez said he's thinking about pressing more charges.

I put all my valuables in the back like they said to do and I just want somebody saying 'Hey, I'm sorry this happened. We'll help you do something about it,' just some kind of compensation, he said.

Bermudez said after KGW went into the manager's office, Public Storage temporarily fixed the wall between his unit and the neighboring one.

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