OREGON CITY, Ore. -- Drones are now a part of our everyday lives. The U.S. Government uses them. So do tech companies, law enforcement, real estate, news organizations and many more.

But, for some, drones are an invasion of privacy along with safety concerns.

A local company may have the answer at least to warn people when one is nearby.

After a year of research, trial and error and prototypes, Domestic Drone Countermeasures based in Oregon City believes they are the first to come up with a way to detect a drone.

Three antennas, along with special software, is able to hone in on the frequency of the drone.

A meter indicates the strength of the signal. Then, the user is notified by a drone alert by text or email.

The whole premise behind the technology is detecting a transmitter, said Tim Faucett, vice president of product development But the real key is determining if that profile fits a drone.

Domestic Drone Countermeasures is using Kickstarter to raise $8500. As of Wednesday, $1500 has been rasied, with 20 days to go.

The cost for a basic unit is $500.

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