PORTLAND -- There were more problems during the wet Thursday and Friday morning commutes on the flyover ramp that connects Interstate 5 to Highway 217.

There were spinout crashes both mornings near an uneven expansion joint that's being blamed for a deluge of crashes in recent months.

In May, the Oregon Department of Transportation lowered the speed to an advised 35 miles per hour on the ramp and a spokesman maintains that the ramp is safe at that speed.

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But three crash victims are taking legal action. Their attorney told KGW the first lawsuit will be filed within a week.

I cannot understand what ODOTis doing, said attorney Greg Kafoury, who is representing the victims. Are they waiting for someone to get killed out there? It's beyond belief.

ODOT's Dave Thompson said the bridge still meets all safety specifications. He said investigators are still waiting for report information from the most recent crashes.

The state plans to install a new sensor-controlled electronic warning sign that lights up a picture of a car skidding when it rains.

Five other drivers have filed tort claims related to crashes on the ramp.

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