NEWCASTLE, Wash. - Officers in Newcastle are joining a number of police departments across the country, warning drivers to watch out when they fill up at the gas station.

Chief Melinda Irvine of Newcastle police sent out a community alert Monday stating that the department has been notified that multiple surrounding jurisdictions have had cases of purses being stolen out of cars at gas stations while women are pumping gas.

That news surprised driver Teresa Davis.

I don't normally lock my car, said Davis. I just come around, fill up, and back in the car.

Surveillance video from gas stations in major cities, like Washington D.C., was obtained by NBC News and aired last summer. Law enforcement refers to the thieves behind the act as sliders because they slide out of one car and help themselves to valuables in a nearby vehicle.

I think they are horrible people, said Davis. I am going to hold on to my keys and my debit card, and lock my doors and roll up my windows.

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