BEAVERTON, Ore. One of two Beaverton parents who made their daughters live in a recreational vehicle full of garbage and human waste has pleaded guilty to two counts of mistreatment.

Sarah Clark pleaded guilty to the two counts Monday. The other four counts of mistreatment were dismissed.

Clark has not yet been sentenced. Her partner, Marcelino Navarro, did not appear in court.

Clark and Marcelino told police they had been living in the filthy RV for two years with the girls, now 7 and 12 years old.

An officer who investigated said there were full garbage bags on both sides of the camper and he was overcome with the stench of rotting food and feces, so strong that it immediately hurt his lungs and irritated his skin.

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Navarro and Clark said the girls had not been to school for months, because they had not had their shots and recently had lice, according to the report. They also said it had been a month since the girls had showered.

The parents admitted using heroin and methamphetamine.

Officers at the scene contacted the Department of Human Services and called one of the girls uncles to come pick them up.

Navarro and Clark were indicted by a grand jury on six counts each of first-degree criminal mistreatment, for withholding necessary and adequate food, physical care and/or medical attention from the girls.

Their daughters are staying with relatives and DHS is investigating.

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