U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan dismissed the civil suit filed by more than 100 officers over the city's new use-of-force policy.

There will always be those in an organization that resist change, just because it is different, said Durkan, at a press conference Thursday. There will others who resist change because they do not understand what is expected of them. There will be a small subset that resist change because the change means what they did was not done in the right way.

The Seattle Police Department issued a statement late Thursday that that it is committed to reform, and that the officers in the lawsuit do not represent the department.

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Of the 126 officers who filed the suit, 100 of them are from the North Precinct. That is because of three of the four main officers who are plaintiffs in the suit are stationed there, and this is where recruitment for the complaint started.

Some of those officers told KING 5 they want to explain their side, but have been told they could face discipline up to and including termination.

What the city is asking of them and they're willing to do each day, which is to go into dangerous dangerous circumstances, said their consultant Lisa Battalia. And all they're asking is for the full array of reasonable tools to use in those circumstances.

City council member Bruce Harrell says he's heard the concerns, and admits the use of force of policy may need more clarity.

What I'm saying is a lot of officers don't think they can do their job, said Harrell.

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