EUGENE, Ore. -- A civil complaint has been filed against the University of Oregon on behalf of three basketball players accused of, but not charged with, sexual assault.

The Register-Guard first reported that former city councilor Kevin Hornbuckle filed the Title IX complaint on behalf of Brandon Austin, Damyean Dotson and Dominic Artis, who were kicked off the basketball team in the wake of the allegations last week.

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A woman claims the men forced her to have sex with them at several locations. The three men maintain the sexual activities were consensual.

Lane County District Attorney Alex Gartner declined to pursue charges in the case, because he said there was not enough evidence.

But the university suspended the three student-athletes and announced they would not be playing for the Ducks again.

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The University of Oregon administration participated in generating a climate of hysteria by failing to defend the three male students, and by very publicly impugning their morals and character, Hornbuckle claimed.

The Eugene Police Department released the case report, including the men's names, before the school publicly addressed the issue.

The civil rights complaint was filed without the players' knowledge, Hornbuckle said. He lists as injured parties the three suspects, as well as all current and prospective students enrolled at Univ. Oregon, particularly male students.

To be sure, it is a dangerous situation when the President of the University of Oregon so fears for his job, and the coach and athletic director too, that they sacrifice the reputations and educations of innocent young men. The need for federal intervention per Title IX is clear and compelling, Hornbuckle said.

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