PORTLAND -- Mary-Kate and Ashley are missing from a North Portland neighborhood. Not the actors who starred in Full House but, the chickens named after them.

I hope your house is covered in chicken poop and that you haven t slept a wink because they kept you up all night, said their owner Dianne Hosford about the thief.

Hosford lives in the Porstmouth neighborhood of North Portland where it s very common to hear clucking from the backyards of an otherwise urban street. She says what isn t common: someone raiding the coop.

Cause they re not valuable. You can t resell them. And if you ate them, sorry for your luck, Hosford said noting that her hens are too old to be tasty.

Hosford said footprints in her backyard prove to her that someone--rather than something--took off with her six chickens, which include the leader of the pack Dixie and another older chicken named Naomi Watts.

In 10 years of her hobby, she s never had a human interfere with her flock and she s never heard of her neighbors having a problem with their livestock.

She can t figure out how someone would have taken off with her hens without them making a lot of noise.

They couldn t have even killed them in the coop because the feathers would ve been everywhere.

The mystery bothers Hosford nearly as much as the fact that her egg providers are gone. My mom would say, 'I hope they peck your eyes out.'

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