FOREST GROVE, Ore. -- A Forest Grove business owner is talking about what he saw when a gunman walked into his office Wednesday dressed in all black with cloth covering his face like a ninja.

Scott Page owns K&S Wholesale car lot on Pacific Avenue in Forest Grove. Page says he was in the office with his wife and infant son when he saw a shadow come across his window.

Suddenly, Page says a man holding a rifle and a handgun with a silencer walked in and said he was there to rob him.

Background: Gunman captured after Forest Grove standoff

He said, 'Scott, I know you, give me all the money,' Page told KGW. But with the suspect's face covered, Page only recognized him once his picture was released Thursday morning.

Suspect Greg Glanville, 56, had bought several cars from the lot over the years, Page says.

After firing a shot toward the family of three, Page says Glanville looked away for a second, and that's when Page tackled the suspect.

The two men wrestled on the ground for what seemed like forever, Page said. While on the ground, Glanville told the business owner he was dying of cancer, having family problems and needed money badly.

Page told him there was no money safe and offered him keys to any of the cars on the lot if he just let his wife and son go.

They were able to escape before Page wrestled away the handgun and ran outside to police.

After eight hours talking on cell phones and yelling back and forth with negotiators, Forest Grove police say Glanville locked himself inside a bathroom. He put a wet towel over his face when the SWAT team threw gas canisters in all the windows and arrested him.

During the standoff, police say Glanville called a friend and said he was scared he was going to be killed and knew he was surrounded. That friend called 911.

Glanville will be in Washington County court Friday on attempted murder and robbery charges.

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