BEAVERTON, Ore. A credit card skimming investigation that originated in Beaverton has now prompted a nationwide alert.

As first reported by KGW, investigators said criminals have been attaching credit card skimmers to stamp machines at post offices in order to steal personal information from unsuspecting customers. It happened at least three times after people bought stamps at the Aloha branch of the U.S. Post Office and a Beaverton branch.

Afterward the victims noticed the maximum amount possible was withdrawn from their accounts at ATM s in Bethany and in Northeast Portland.

Background: ID thieves may be targeting postal customers

Skimmers are often used on ATM s and gas pumps to steal credit card information. Now there's a chance they've been installed on some of those stamp machines, said Sgt. Bob Ray of the Washington County Sheriff s Office.

Detectives said post office employees conduct daily sweeps for skimmers. Photos from surveillance video (shown above) were released by police in this most recent case. Anyone who recognizes the suspects was encouraged to call police.

Ray said people should continue to feel safe using the stamp machines at their post offices, but they should also be sure check their bank accounts regularly for any unauthorized withdrawals.

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