CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. -- An Oregon woman who learned last week she could be evicted for keeping a U.S. flag in her window found out Monday that she can stay, and her landlord will buy her a flagpole.

Elodia Royce has displayed the flag for six years in support of family and friends serving in the military.

They fought for our freedoms and this is a freedom I should have, she said.

She said she was told when she moved in that she could not install a flagpole, but that it would be fine in the window.

But then last week, a notice from her landlord warned she could be evicted by Monday if she didn't take it down.

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It says all colored drapes need to be removed from the windows, but our flag is not a drape, said Royce.

Monday Royce told KGW the manager of the rental company had a change of heart. She said the company planned to buy and install a flagpole for her.

She said they also offered to give her an indoor flagpole if she wants to fly another American flag inside her apartment.

Royce said the compromise allows the colored drapes rule to stand, while she still gets to proudly show her patriotism. The rental management company has yet to confirm the compromise.

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