TROUTDALE, Ore. -- A Wood Village man was arrested after he was caught on camera trying to break into the Troutdale Police Department Saturday, police said.

Nathaniel Mirelez, 20, was trying to get inside and take back his skateboard, which police confiscated when they arrested him for shoplifting earlier in the day, said Troutdale police Sgt. Steve Bevens.

A Troutdale officer saw Saturday evening that a door handle was missing from the front entrance to the station. Surveillance video showed the suspect trying to get inside.

The video showed a white male inside the front vestibule of the police department trying to make entry and eventually tearing a door handle off of the front entrance doors, Bevens said. The suspect is seen leaving the parking lot with the door handle still in his hand.

Officers quickly recognized Mirelez from his shoplifting arrest, Bevens said. He was arrested at his home Monday for attempted burglary, criminal mischief and theft.

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