PORTLAND -- A Lincoln City 3-year-old who became an honorary firefighter in stations worldwide last week has lost his battle with cancer.

Daniel Christiansen died peacefully in his sleep at 4:05 a.m. Thursday, according to his family. Daniel had been fighting neuroblastoma.

He brought together firefighters from around the world after his parents asked North Lincoln Fire & Rescue to let him ride in a fire engine. They instead made him an honorary firefighter and shared his story.

Background: Support pours in for 3-year-old 'firefighter' with terminal cancer

Through the Facebook page 'Firefighters for Team Daniel,' fellow firefighters spent Daniel's last week making his dream come true.

They've been welcoming him into their ranks and posting pictures of fire helmets and lockers with his name on them.

Daniel has been able to do something that no one else has ever been able to do. Daniel has been able to bring firefighters from all walks of life, from every conceivable location and from every level of rank and has been able to bring them all together with one purpose in mind. To pray and honor one of our own, one post reads. God Bless you Daniel, and Thank You for allowing us to be a part of it.

Now Daniel's Facebook page is dedicated to supporting his family after their loss.

And firefighters around the world are thanking Daniel for reminding them why they became firefighters in the first place.

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