WOODLAND, WASH -- A woman died Monday after she was accidentally run over by her boyfriend, according to the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office.

Jered Pickner, 28, of Woodland; his girlfriend, Barbra Delgrosso, 43, of Brush Prairie, and their friend Todd Lemon were moving firewood on Pandora Road outside of Woodland on Monday when the accident occurred.

The three were tossing wood from a broken truck to one that worked, said Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office deputy Charlie Rosenzweig.

Delgrosso was in the back of the broken truck when Pickner backed up the working truck in order to get it closer. But Pickner s brakes failed and he bumped into the broken truck. Both trucks began to roll down the hill, said Rosenzweig.

Pickner got out of his truck and yelled for Delgrosso to abandon the broken vehicle. He then got back in his truck and tried to stop the vehicle. When he finally got his truck to stop, he realized he had accidentally run over Delgrosso, according to Rosenzweig.

Pickner pulled Delgrosso out from under the truck and drove towards Woodland. At the time Delgrosso was talking and assuring Pickner that she would be alright. At Green Mountain Road and Shirely-Gordan Road, Pickner met up with an ambulance. Delgrosso was transferred but died on the way to the hospital, Rosenzweig said.

There was no sign that foul play, drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident. Pickner was cooperative with deputies. The investigation is ongoing, Rosenzweig said.

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