Winter Olympics Rules of the Game: Freestyle Aerials

The sport of Men's and Women's Aerials debuted as demonstration sports at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary.

Freestyle Aerials became official medal events at the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer Norway.

At the start of the competition they head down the in-run at a speed of about 40 miles per hour. T

They hit the jump or kicker which is about 13 feet high.

The kicker launches them an additional 21 feet in the air.

At the peak they are almost 65 feet above the ground

The landing area is covered in pine boughs to help competitors find a landing spot.

In the air aerialists perform a number of somersaults and twists before landing.

Most of the men are going to do triple back somersaults with four or five twists.

The judges are looking for quality of the take off, how high they go, their body position and form and then their balance on the landing

Points are awarded this way.

20 percent of the points come from takeoff and how high they go... 50 percent on what happens in the air ... 30 percent if they stick that landing ... a degree of difficulty is then added in and that makes up the final score.

and that is your look at the Rules of the Game.

Source: USATODAY Sports

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