PORTLAND -- Portland teachers were told to begin removing their personal belongings from their classrooms in preparation for a strike.

Teachers in the state's largest district are set to walk off the job on Feb. 20.

Background: Portland teachers vote to walk out Feb. 20

The district filed a complaint with the state Employment Relations Board. PPS said by state law, the teachers union can't strike over class size.

District officials and representatives for the Portland Association of Teachers plan to meet informally Thursday morning. The teachers union said it will provide a settlement proposal at the meeting.

On Wednesday, Oregon's legislative revenue office projected Portland Public Schools will get an extra $4.6 million next year from property tax revenue.

When asked if the extra money will help avert a strike, the President of the PAT, Gwen Sullivan, said I would say absolutely. It is definitely welcomed and I think the priority is on the classroom so we can start to do something.

Every little bit helps, so we're not quite sure how this is going to impact bargaining, but the great news is this money is going to be used to re-invest in our classrooms, said Portland Public Schools spokesperson Christine Miles.

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