VANCOUVER -- An incredibly graphic Twitter account that's gaining popularity among high school students in Clark County has many parents and teachers concerned.

Teenagers are using it to share their supposed sexual experiences online and school district officials said all parents need to know it's happening.

Most of the messages are very graphic.

It's like the news of the school right now, said one high school senior who asked that we not identify her. Teenagers use it as a way to give out their dirty little secrets.

She talked about the Twitter account, which KGW has decided not to identify. School officials worried identifying it would create more interest in the site.

On the account, teenagers from Clark County share their sex stories.

KGW saw things like I had sex with a teacher... and various pornographic terms.

They are thinking about what's happening now, they aren't thinking of the implications. said Debbie Tschirgi, director of the Digital Learning Services program at Educational Service District 112.

It's all about them being anonymous. Teenagers can write whatever they want to write without being identified especially in a situation like this on the Twitter account where they can say something and don't have their name published. That's not uncommon. That makes them all the more brave, added Tschirgi.

Tschirgi said parents need to have the tough and uncomfortable conversations with their kids. They need to get them to understand that the Internet is not the place to share stories about sex.

It boils down to teaching kids to make good decisions about their own behavior, their own ethics and their own personal safety, said Tschirgi.

Both Vancouver and Evergreen school districts said students do not have access to Twitter on school networks or school computers.

Vancouver School District officials said it was going to report the specific account to Twitter.

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