PORTLAND Officers arrested a woman smuggling a pound of cocaine after two balloons full of drugs ruptured in her stomach Monday at the Portland International Airport, police said.

The suspected drug mule, 29-year-old Lavona Tashica Anderson, was found unconscious in a bathroom at the airport. She was taken to a Portland hospital where she started to poop out 31 small balloons of drugs wrapped in condoms, said Sgt. Pete Simpson with Portland police.

Over the next two days, police recovered 38.5 more balloons that each weighted 6.5 grams. Investigators said they think two of the balloons ruptured inside Anderson s stomach.

Anderson was reportedly traveling from the Dominican Republic to New York and was en route to Alaska when she keeled over in Portland.

Police said Anderson ingested a total of one pound of cocaine before arriving in Portland.

Anderson was released Thursday and promptly booked in the Multnomah County Jail on federal drug charges.

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