LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. -- A surveillance video released to KGW shows a man that police believe has been pulling up to drive-thru coffee stands in Washington County and exposing himself to young female baristas.

The half-dozen incidents have occurred in Tigard, Tualatin, Wilsonville and Lake Oswego (full list below). All but two happened the day after Christmas.

Officers told KGW it's critical they track the man down before he does something much worse.

Police said the incidents happened last month at the Dutch Bros. coffee stand at Southwest Pacific Highway and US 217 in Tigard. They werereviewing what an employee called very clear security video of the man slowly driving up, pausing briefly at the window and then continuing on.

A victim, identified only as Elizabeth, was working at a different drive-up window the day after Christmas when she said the man showed up.

When I went to go open the window, I noticed that his shirt was off, Elizabeth said. I didn't think too much of it because I thought 'Well, it's a shirt, okay.' Then I looked down and saw what he was doing. It's disturbing, disgusting and it pisses me off because I had to worry about it.

In all cases the individual really didn't say much, but he was exposing himself for purposes of sexual gratification, said Sgt. Jay Weitman of the Lake Oswego Police Department.

The man was described as white, in his 40s or 50s with thinning blonde hair and a pot belly.

Police said he was driving a charcoal older-model sedan, possibly a Honda or Ford.

We're very concerned that this individual is out in the public and we would like to find out who he is and get him into custody before he commits potentially more serious criminal acts, Sgt. Weitman said.

Some baristas told KGW the man turned off his headlights before driving through and he had removed the license plate on his car in advance.

Anyone who has information on the man or has been a victim was asked to call Detective Chapman with the Tualatin police department at 503-691-4842.

Full lists of known locations where incidents occurred:

  • November 9th Dutch Bros. coffee stand 11746 SW Pacific Hwy at 217 in Tigard
  • December 20th Coffee Rush stand 12210 Scholls Ferry Road in Tigard
  • December 26th Coffee Rush stand 12210 Scholls Ferry Road in Tigard
  • December 26th Starbucks drive thru 19321 SW Martinazzi Avenue in Tualatin
  • December 26th Starbucks drive thru 15645 Boones Ferry Road in Lake Oswego
  • December 26th Arby's drive thru 8656 SW Citizens Drive in Wilsonville
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