PORTLAND The City of Portland is desperate for money to fix potholes and other street improvements. On Thursday, one city official asked for some help from Santa Clause.

Bureau of Transportation Commissioner Steve Novick said Thursday his bureau has a list of road projects that add up to more than a billion dollars.

Novick included the list in a letter he mailed off to Santa from the Lloyd Center in Northeast Portland.

The stunt was meant to illustrate the point that city leaders don t know where future funding for a mounting backlog of projects will come from.

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The list includes money to make the east end of Southeast Powell Boulevard safer and money for crosswalks.

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Unless the streets are going to continue to crumble and these important safety needs are going to go unaddressed, we are going to need to get some more money somewhere, Novick said.

Commissioner Novick said what Portland Mayor Charlie Hales has already told KGW: Portlanders need to consider a new tax or fee of some kind.

But what kind and how much, is still an open question.

Novick acknowledged it is unlikely Santa will pay, although he did say Hope springs eternal.

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